Turkish Tin Bronze Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish tin bronze, Turkey tin bronze manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality tin bronze from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

SUPREME METALS        Hindistan     Mihir Chhatrala    
s bronze, gunmetal, leaded bronze, tin bronze, ph. bronze, brass, steel, bronze
s extruded products, drawn products, drawn rods, drawn sections, alloy tubes, extruded tube, extruded rods, extruded wires, extruded alloy tubes, drawn alloy tubes, brass rods, brass rod, brass wire, brass tubes, brass sections, semi finished products, semi finished sections, semi finished tubes, semi finished rods, semi finished wires, brass components, brass component, metal parts, metal spare parts, wire, wires, springs, stranded wire, stranded wire for conductors, contact pins, anodes, stranded wire conductors, valves, pipe, safety valves, flange, pipes, aluminium foil, coupling, couplings, steel tubes, steel bar, steel sheet, aluminium bars, steel bars, gas equipments, steel coils, condenser, evaporator, steel sections, aluminium alloys, fittings, fan, steel fittings, oxygen generator, metal fittings, brass rods, brass sections, aluminium bronze, steel strip, tin bronze, press fittings, wire for ball pen, copper nickel alloy, brazing fitting, medical fitting, medical gas equipment, compressed gas control module, cylinder pressure regulators, shutt off valves, manifold regulator, quick fit couplings
BILGESIN DOKUM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Güldiken KOÇ    
s aluminium, aluminium alloys, bronze and alloys, copper and copper alloys, ductile iron and steel, pig iron, stainless steel, aluminium bronze, phospor bronze, tin bronze, copper-zinc alloys, cc750s, cc751s, cc762s, cuzn25al5mn4fe3, cuzn34mn3al2fe1, cc764s, cc765s, cuzn35mn2al1fe1, cusn10, cc480k, cusn11p, cc481k, cusn12, cc483k, cc484k, cusn12ni2, pb1, pb1 bronze, pb2, pb2 bronze, ct1, ct1 bronze, lg4, lg4 bronze, ab1, ab1 bronze, ab2, ab2 bronze, htb1, htb1 bronze, htb3, htb3 bronze, pb4, pb4 bronze, lpb1, lpb1 bronze, lb2, lb2 bronze, lg1, lg1 bronze, lg2, lg2 bronze, leaded bronze, leaded gunmetal, scb1, scb1 bronze, brass for sand castings, scb3, scb3 bronze, copper tin, copper tin bronze, c932, c932 bronze, sae 660, sae 660 bronze, copper-tin-zinc, copper-tin-zinc bronze, bronze bush, rg7, rg7 bronze, cc333g, cual10fe5ni5, cual10ni, rg12, rg12 bronze, rg7 tin bronze, c90700 bronze, c90700, c93400, c93400 bronze, sae64, sae64 bronze, centrifugal casting, copper-tin-lead alloys, copper-tin-lead bronze, aluminum